Breadcast Graphics by Lisko / Offscale

  • Kompo: Summamutikka
  • Platform: WinXp + Premiere Pro 1.5 + Matrox RT.X100 + Lots of cola
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  • 24,55 pistettä

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(HUOM! Entry ajetaan custom-raudalta joka tarjoaa ulos SVHS PAL signaalia, video liitteenä vain jos rauta ei toimi)


3D video effects generated with Matrox RT.X100 add-on PCI card from 2001. This is not a GPU, it's a proprietary accelerator card for Adobe Premiere Pro and is can be used only through Premiere's interface as third party plugins.

Up to four simultaneous DV streams can be fed to the card via Premiere timeline, and the card applies effects in real time without need for rendering or waiting. This was captured direct from SVHS output of the breakout box.

As the setup is super unstable (Windows XP, Premiere Pro 1.5, RT.X100 card), this has been pre-recorded but attempt to run this live will be made.