(You've Got To) Hold On by dalziel

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(verse 1)

(do it)
it's a lonely road
(prove it)
there are challenges
never be afraid to go through it (oh yeah)

(want it)
motivation's strong
(need it)
always pushing on
power running high will beat it (oh yeah)


the strength you have inside
gives you hope to carry on
and the courage that it takes
you fight until your strength is gone

determined to succeed
your belief a guiding light
show the strength you have inside
you have the might to fight


you've got to hold on
you've got to hold your head up high
waiting for the moment
showing passion in your eyes

you've got to hold on
you've got to aim right for the sky
only you can be the one that makes your dreams come true
you've got to win!

(verse 2)

(do it)
the path of life is long
(prove it)
find where you belong
succeed and you can always push right through it (oh yeah)

(want it)
you're a champion
(need it)
your faith is not undone
it's not impossible if you believe it

(middle 8)

there are times when you will fall down
just remember don't give up (don't give up)
when you want to quit and put it all behind
but you know that you can see the top, never stop and
be the best you can!