Drifting Fantasy by dalziel

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"Drifting Fantasy"


i see you baby
racin' all night long

you're lookin' sexy
goin' to my heart

those other drivers, losers
they gave up on tryin', might as well ignore them

see what i can do, steerin' to you
you know that it's true


in the night we ride alone
do you know that i'm here
will you shift in to gear
i want your magic in my-y-y hands


my heart is racing for your love, (i'm trying to catch up to ya)
i'm speeding towards magic touch
the chase is thrilling, and i want your heart for me my baby
girl you are my drifting fantasy


you know me baby
don't you get me wrong

i'm feelin' somethin'
i will never stop

look at my motor, honey
and feel up my engine, hot and full of power

my heart's in motion, steerin' to you
you know that it's true