Ballad of Melon Tusk by tmptknn & bsh

  • Kompo: Pikkiriikkinen demo
  • Platform: Web Browser (preferably Chrome running in Windows)
  • 1. sija
  • 38,88 pistettä

Lataa koneelle

A 4kB web browser intro.

Code and design: tmptknn
Music: bsh

Greets go to:
Grrooovy, Hirvih, Naks, Pekka Pou, Raato and Vesuri of dA JoRMaS
Mayor of Wide Load
and all at Instanssi 2024!

Run on Chrome or Firefox (Chrome running in Windows is preferred).

Because of browser cross-origin (CORS) restrictions it is easiest to run the intro
from a http server running in localhost (i.e. python http server or similar).

It takes long to load.
File loads internally WebAssembly module from json array of ints.
WASM module generates the audio.
Wait patiently until browser screen says "ready" and the png header is gone.
Then the intro can be started by pressing any key (e.g. enter).
Fullscreen is tried to acquire automatically when user presses any key after the "ready" screen.

Technologies and tools used:
WebAssembly, WebGL, Javascript, Sointu, PnginatorModified, ShaderMinifier, Zopfli, wat2wasm, wasm-opt

Also starring:
Go, Java, Node.js, Mono, sed, bash, Ruby